Friday, January 14, 2011

"Dream Catchers, Dream Killers"

Today's Meditation: "Here comes that dreamer!" they said to each other. Come now, let's kill him and throw him into one of these cisterns and say that a ferocious animal devoured him. Then we'll see what becomes of his dreams." Genesis 37:19-20

Do you dream? Before you answer, consider that there are a few different ways that one may dream. There are the kinds of dreams that one experiences when in a deep slumber. They may reflect past events, present circumstances, or future possibilities. Dreams come in scenes; sometimes in color; sometimes in black and white. Sometimes dreams are marvelously wonderful--othertimes they are terrible and scary. When we rise, we are thankful to know that "Whew! it was only a dream." But there are also those dreams that one experiences when they are completely awake. These types of dreams are similar to visions--a grand plan, a strategy, a futuristic fulfillment of an idea or concept too great for one person alone to fulfill. In the life of the Believer, it is understood that great visions are implanted in our hearts and manifest through our prophetic imaginations. This could only be accomplished with the help of Almighty God. And, to the dreamer with the ability to see what lays ahead, the dream may even seem overwhelming--even impossible.

Being in the presence of a true dreamer will either inspire, intimidate, or irritate. Understand that dreamers are not in control of their optimism nor their confidence, for their faith lays not in their own ability, but in God's--they already know that they will be victorious! Dreamers can cause friction, jealousy, negativity, and envy to anyone in their midst who may themselves be too lazy, insecure, or "stuck" to dream their own dreams, yet become indignant when they realize that your dream is in fact, coming to pass...Miraculously, these same people become motivated--to kill your dream!

Joseph, like many dreamers, was hand-picked by God. He did not pre-plan his birth placement as the youngest of his siblings; he did not ask for the special coat of many colors; and he did not seek out the gift of dream interpretation. Maybe you are a Dreamer who has come through the challenges of hatred, hardship, rejection, and isolation. Like Joseph, we can learn from our mistakes, immaturity, and naivity. Dreams are birthed in our hearts, minds, and spirits; they must be nurtured...inwardly...before they are revealed outwardly. Catch the vision for your life that God has planted in you. Dare to dream boldly. Never allow fear, social, racial, economic, or educational challenges suppress what God has designed for your life.

You ARE a Dreamer. Now go forth and catch them all, to the glory of God! Amen.
--Rev. Stephanie

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