Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Double Life: Secret Motives"

Today's Meditation: "A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways." James 1:8

Who are you really? When you're alone and nobody is there to observe, criticize, analyze, admire, or serve you? How do you really worship God? You know, when you are not at church, in the choir, in the pulpit, or ministering in dance on someones platform. When the spotlight is not on you, and you are simply at home with you--who are you really?

Our lifestyles represent our values, morals, and beliefs. For the professed Believer, these things should line up with how we govern ourselves, and the Word of God. But, beloved--how can we strive to live "above reproach" with God and humanity when we are caught in the web of living a double life? Ministers and ministry leaders: do you not know maintaining a double lifestyle will eventually cut, diminish, and destroy the flow of blessings and the anointing in your life? Try to deny it and justify it if you'd like--deep in our souls, we know when the glory has departed!

Double lifestyles are plaguing the Church Universal. With the advent of Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube, texting, "sexting", IPhones, IMs, and more, we are able to create on-line personalities which sometimes, are completely contrary to the real us. Blatant disrespect, promiscuity, adultery, immorality, bullying, and mean-spiritedness is practiced openly--in and out of the church. Pastors, Elders, and ministry Leaders attempt to preach righteousness on Sunday morning while secretly engaging in physical, sexual, and emotional abuse behind close doors. Conferences and meetings have been used as private rendevous opportunities for brothers on the down-low, and sisters wanting to be seen AND last. But, is this a secret?

The 5-fold ministry gifts are being perverted, watered-down, and hi-jacked by men and women seeking elevation through self-imposed titles; who travel the world producing charismatic worship productions, disguised as revelation knowledge and authentic ministry. Even some professed Christian organizations publicly endorse unity in the Body, while continuing to perpetuate subtle discrimination, supremacy, and racism.

When one's ministry appears to be thriving worldwide while their marriage is falling apart, it may be time to take a look at why I do what I do. If my call to minister to the nations REGULARLY supercedes my covenant to minister to my family (which God also gave me), I may just be out of balance. Today, God has placed the ministry of the Gospel, and the ministry of dance in the global arena--the World is watching; i.e. the secular world and the nations of the world. Success, prosperity, advancement, and position are all great--but only when it comes from living a life of integrity, peace of mind, joy, and transparency.

If we continue to present the facade of holiness and purity in public, while our true lifestyles are an abomination to God, there will be no true levitical remnant with clean hands and a pure heart left to carry the glorious legacy of Sacred Artistry and ministry into the next generation. As you begin to line-up your will with the Father's will, supernatural grace and courage will be upon you.

Let this be our Year of Exposure. Look deeply and shamelessly into your spiritual mirror, remembering that people with nothing to hide, hide nothing.

Amen and Selah.

Rev. Steph

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  1. Hi Ms. Stephanie! Im so glad I found you after all these years! Its Ebony from Carribean Christ For The Nations. You were and are the best dance instructor I've ever had! Please keep in touch, I'm in the Maryland area now! Hope to see you soon!


    Ebony R.