Monday, February 13, 2012

"Life of An Overcomer"

Today's Scripture: As Jesus approached Jericho, a blind beggar was sitting beside the road. When he herd the noise of a crowd going past, he asked what was happening. They told him that Jesus the Nazerene was passing by. So he began shouting, "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me! (Luke 18:35-38)

Over the years, I've heard quoted many times sayings such as, "No pain, no gain"; "to whom much is given, much is required"; and "when the going gets tough, the tough get going". Most frequently, these things are said in the light of a challenge, a hardship, a difficult task, or a particulary fierce battle. Usually, the person saying these things is NOT the person going through the trial.

To be classified as an overcomer means that an individual has arrived at t place where he or she realizes that it is only the supernatural grace and mercy of God that has kept them alive, and saved them from losing their mind! When grace and mercy are in operation in one's life, they give strength to the weak, hope to the hopeless, and resilience to the fallen. Countless numbers of us have survived through disappointment, loss of a friend, death of a family member, bankruptcy, physical spousal abuse, rape, incest, loss of a job, divorce, miscarriage, mental illness, character assasination, disease, and infirmities--We survived!

But how did we do it? We cried out to the Lord, just as the blind man in our scripture text today did, saying "Jesus! Son of David, have mercy on me!" As the story goes, this blind man just happened to be on the roadside begging when he heard all the commotion of the multitude passing by.

Someone told him the excitement was because Jesus of Nazareth was in town. The blind man could not contain himself. Apparently, he knew enough of Jesus' reputation for ministry and healing to recognize this day to be his window of divine opportunity. Even when the people tried to quiet him down, the Bible says he cried out even more saying, "Have mercy on me! Have mercy on me! This man became an Overcomer. Not because he did, in fact receive his sight through the healing power of Jesus, but because he pressed on by FAITH--believing that only Jesus could do what no one else had been able to do for him. We don't know how this man became blind--whether it was by birth, as a result of a physical accident, or a developing sickness.

Just like we may not know exactly how many of us arrived in the desperate situations we have been in; but we do know that God hears our cries! We know that in many cases, we really did not deserve to be heard because of our ungodly actions, choices, attitudes, and lifestyles.
But that's the wonderful thing about God's mercy. It is His compassionate response that moves Him to help us when we are helpless and in great need!

If we truly want to gain the joy of an Overcomer, we must refuse to give up--even when the obstacles, trials, and disappointments of life rise up right in our faces. If you're crossing over into "overcomer status" you are in good company: You, me, the blind man, and Jesus--all Overcomers! No matter what, be confident in this: No one can stop us from crying out to God for help--He alone has the power to address and minister to your deepest hurts and need for healing. Let your voice be heard!
Amen --

Rev. Steph

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